Growing apples is another most important area of DRUZHBA NARODOV Agro-Industrial Holding.

Fruit orchards are one of the largest in the Russian Federation. They cover more than 1,800 hectares. The company grows 13 different apple varieties, including the premium ones, and harvests more than 40 thousand tons of fruit per year. The current storage capacity is more than 14.5 thousand tons. Apples are stored in refrigerating chambers with a regulated gas environment facilitating quality, useful properties and fruit taste preservation for a long time. For high-quality sorting and packaging, “Mafroda” sorting line is used, with a capacity of 20 tons of products per hour.

Besides apples, the Holding also grows pears, peaches, apricots, nectarines, cherries, strawberries and other crops. Since 2018, the company intends to significantly increase the volume in this direction. According to the annual production volume in Russia, the Crimean Fruit Company is Number 1 cherries manufacturer and Number 2 apple manufacturer. In 2017, an artificial pond was built measuring 450 thousand cubic meters to irrigate lands. A modern system of drip garden irrigation is used. In the same year, 620 thousand new seedlings were planted. The company uses the most modern planting technologies. The Company uses only the best planting material. The Company has a large-scale development plan. Construction of the fruit storage facility ranking the largest in the region is in progress for 15 thousand tons of simultaneous product storage.