DRUZHBA NARODOV is a team of like-minded professionals. If you are able to work hard and achieve your goals, you are not afraid of difficulties, and you are ready to take responsibility, we’re both going the same way.

The company offers wide opportunities for professional development, career prospects, and favourable working conditions.

We implement the social responsibility policy. We provide a comprehensive assistance to district administration and village councils, participate in solving current municipality issues and we are engaged in charity programs. All payments to employees are made in accordance with current legislation. There is a transparent bonus system based on performance efficiency. Every six months, the best employees are put up on the Honor Board with a bonus of 20% of their salary.

Non-resident specialists are provided with company housing, or the cost of renting an apartment is compensated to them. The Company is also a participant of the Federal Target Program “Sustainable Rural Areas Development” enabling its employees to improve their living conditions via state subsidies.

Much attention is paid to professional orientation of high school students and personnel reserve formation: cooperation agreements have been signed with universities, and under them students practice at our enterprises and gain a practical experience in their specialty. Many of them later receive offers to become part of company staff.