DRUZHBA NARODOV Meat Processing Plant, DRUZHBA NARODOV NOVA Poultry Farm, and CRIMEAN FRUIT COMPANY actively cooperate with higher education institutions. Students undertake their practical training at a poultry farm, at a meat processing plant, with the possibility of further employment. Students are provided with housing and discount hot meals.

Each trainee is assigned an experienced tutor and an on-the-job training program is scheduled that gets accustomed young specialists to work and discipline.

450 students from 19 regions of Russia work in the gardens of JSC “Crimean Fruit Company” as part of a large – scale project of “Russian students’ teams” –  the largest all-Russian public student organization. This is 10 times more than the number of students last year.

Teams resulted from a strict selection of students. The most sociable, responsible and disciplined students were selected. And of course, the absence of bad habits was also an important criterion.

Thousands of students’ team members work on country’s major construction sites, such as “Vostochny Space-Launch Complex”, “Mirny Atom”, and “Pomorye” . And this year, student teams have united in the all-Russian consolidated Student Agricultural Team to work harder and to show the public that young people can work in agriculture, in gardens and in fields, they can achieve success and take a responsible approach to their activities, as well as spend their free time outside of production facilities.

Work with students’ teams gives young men and women an opportunity to try themselves under real working conditions, to pass their life school at the largest, high-tech Crimean fruit company that boosts industrial fruit production. Many of them are likely to stay working at this modern enterprise in the future.